Just continue to ignore him? Why is he doing this?

Been with my bf 1 year, but the past few months, he's made no effort at all. He rarely text or called me back, didn't confide in me about anything, basically acted like I didn't exist. I tried talking to him about it in person a few times, but there were no changes. We were in a LDR, so phone communication was very essential. Finally, 2 weeks ago, I broke it off and blocked him from getting in touch with me. I did this bc I was DONE. Blocked him from fb, email, text n calling. But he got in touch with me by sending me a fb message from a diff account. Telling me he loves and misses me. Why? I begged him for months to give me some attention. But now that he's not getting my attention, he wants me back. Is this what it boils down to?


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  • Are you actually still interested in this guy? Personally, I think it's unacceptable to simply ignore a partner like he ignored you. You say you were done two weeks ago. So I'm thinking that if you actually are done and have no interest in him, it would be better for you to send him a message and tell him that it's over. It doesn't seem like he's the right guy for you (or for anyone really). If he's acted like that for a few months out of twelve, chances are that he will act like that again.

    • Thank u! It sure did help to write about this to strangers! But I think I'm going with my gut here. I will block him from that account without writing him back. No need explaining to him again that it's over. I already did that once :) funny how karma works. Now he's getting a taste of his own medicine. Hopefully he will decide to treat his next gf better.

    • Oh if you've already told him then there's no need to tell him again. In the light of how he's treated you, he indeed doesn't deserve it any other way now.

  • He might have been going through a rough time. I think you overreacted.

    • Then you tell your SO about the rough time.

    • He had every opportunity to tell me. I enemy asked him a couple if times if he was OK, his job was Ok, family was Ok, etc.

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