Will he realise what he lost??

(Both in our 20s) My boyfriend and I of 1 year has officially broken up, we both have hurt each other in the past (not stuff like cheating) but overall our relationship had good &bad times, I did a lot for him and I was there for him and his kids wen no one else was I was good to him, he was an asshole at times towards me, will he realise what he lost w space&time? Or will he forget about me w no contact? :,(
It breaks my heart because we usto live together I treated his kids like they were my own, I motivated him to get a car/job tried to help him get back on his feet I stayed home with him & his kids every weekend I feel so heart broken:(


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  • Hmm y u want he remember u wondering did u cry this week when u remember some happy moments?

    • One day I'll feel fine another day ill just break down and cry :( were officially broken up this time i just really hope he realizes i was a good girl to him:(

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    • Few days ! It's early to judge wait for 2-3weeks if no contact well thats sign he's serious and 99% he will not back

    • I feel like giving him a month so he can realise i really loved him and just out of all the times we broken up this time it really feels like its over:( well its been since last Tuesday

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  • Who knows... there is no easy answer to this. However I have something for you to think about. You said that he hurt you and was not always nice to you. Is he really the kind of guy that you want? Or is it perhaps time to move on?

    • Yea he didn't treat me right at times but he showed me strong love as well he's my 1st love i know i should move on but it's hard :(

    • Yes it is hard, but strong love does not treat the other poorly.

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  • Most likely not, it's time to move on


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