What is going through this girls head?

Me and my ex have now broken up and stopped all contact because I found out he had been seeing someone else for the last two months of our relationship.
I'm okay with the break up, he wasn't that great of a boyfriend. All I want to know is why the hell the other girl is still with him. I found out he was cheating as I inboxed her and questioned her about it & her response was. "I'm so sorry you were left in the dark about him and I. If I had any idea about you I would not have let this happen".
He was lying and cheating on her as well & they're still together. I just don't get her mentality !!


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  • Because some people are silly and do not want to accept what the truth means.

  • Is he rich?

    • No far from it, he's actually in a lot of debt from loans.

    • Well there's many reasons but don know whats true

      Maybe she's ugly and have no chance with boys and he keep tell her what she like like u r beautiful cute etc

      But it's really strange

    • I've had a few people tell me that she looks a lot like me actually. I don't know, I just for get how you could still stay with someone. Their relationship started with a lie

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