How to get over an angry ex?

He's so mad. Recently wanted me kicked off this group I recently joined and the guys that are owners of the group asked me what was going on. I explained my situation but didn't go in detail of the relationship I had with the guy. I don't get it, he's angry and yet he broke up with me. This is funny in a way but also very upsetting. Does he feel guilty for what he did? I just don't get this. Does this happen often with guys? I know he's being childish and I just ignore it because I think being silent is better then giving any reaction to him. Tell me what you guys think.


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  • Y didi he break up?
    I think all he wants is for u to react so he can insult u or tale his anger out

    • He said he had no "romantic connection" however I was with him for a little over 2 months. He and I seemed okay but I think personally he just didn't want to be with me and he wanted to be single. He was holding onto the past, has way too many female friends and just yeah complete red flags with him. My thing is I understand if I was a bitch and cheated on him, however I didn't do anything wrong towards him so that's why I am confused about this whole thing.

    • All I can make out is he is confused
      I wouldn't get back with him
      but he is begging for your attention
      as soon as ur back he'll want to breakup again

    • Yes I am ignoring and blocking him from everything. It's not safe and it's toxic. Really can't deal with people that are so negative about everything. Thank you so much for the advice.

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