Is my ex boyfriend f*cking INSANE, orrrrrrrr?

My ex & I were joined at the hip for 2 years.. He then broke up with me because we weren't getting along for a few months. I begged and pleaded, but it didn't work.

He tried to text me a few times "like a pal" shortly after, but I ignored him.

A month later he called and said we should still be friends. I basically told him to go fuck himself and he cried/pleaded. I hung up on him.

WTF is going on? This was HIS choice? Why would I be friends with someone who dumped me over a rough patch. We're not "friends". Friends are loyal

Ps- I don't think he wants to get back together. I'm assuming he would've said so.


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  • I am going to break up with my s. o of over 10 years. She also pleaded for me to not do so and even offered that I can sleep with hookers to get any sex kinks I have (which I think is a slam to her esteem and I won't do it... for her) but I still want to keep in contact with her as a friend. We have experienced a lot together. Is that a bad thing?

    • How can you be friends with someone who you're "in love" with? Him and I were still passionate about each other, having sex, always wanting to spend time... we just started arguing a lot. But the attraction was still there. So I can't wrap my head around being a platonic friend with him, or the fact that he would want to be my platonic friend so early after the break up. Maybe if I wasn't attracted to him, or wasn't in love with him anymore... but that's not the case. So no, it's not a bad thing but it's fucking unbelievable

    • Maybe he is not in love with you and really just sees you as a friend? Its not like you love someone and then just hate them. But if it will effect you, its best he stays away. just tell him you need space during this time and that he must leave you alone now.

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  • It's naive for people to believe they can dump someone and then smoothly make the transition to being friends. No matter how good people get along, being dumped will always be painful and you will always need time. It also mostly seems lame to me from the dumper: they don't want to be with that person anymore but want to keep them in their life.

    Now, I am not saying that being friends with an ex is never ever possible. But there has to be a significant amount of no contact after the break up. So that the dumpee can heal and move on. It's ridiculous to think that anyone will be able to be your partner one day and then satisfied with being your friend the next day.


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  • And here we are in the middle of a ping pong dominating match... i believe you guys didn't give each other space for 2 years and things are just balancing themselves out now. when he calls, you ignore, when you do, he does the same. there has got to be balance. You guys have to stop playing games.


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