I dumped my bf cause he liked blondes?

Ii told him how i exactly feel himm liking another girl, i told him to lie to me instead but he wouldn't...

I have extrême self esteem issues, i see myself as a ugly girl...

I asked him f he thot my sister or anyother girl was prettier in his eyes he said no, but then i asked him if he thot blondes were prettier he said some are, but said it wasn't importantt, but its important to me either way, ...

He told me blondes are nothing compared to me but i still dumped him anyways... we dates for a while... but iv been ceying for a few days now and Just dont know how to feel better,...

And plzase dont tell me guy are attracted to other girls etc etcs im aware of all That.


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  • All men will still like the physical appearance of some other women they see and meet.
    You should encourage that if you want to have a healthy relationship.
    What is wrong with you?


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  • That's a really negative way of looking at things. Instead of that, think of how, despite him having a preference for blondes to begin with, he thought that you looked more beautiful than those girls and still chose you over them. That proves how much he likes you, doesn't it?


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  • You would rather your boyfriend lie to you?

  • You looks good and you have nice hair. I think you decision is right to dump him.

  • He had a lucky escape.


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