How long does it take it get a divorce?

And is it ok for a guy to re-marry during the proceeding's?
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  • It varies a lot, depending on the laws of the country/state you're in. But I'm quite sure a person can't remarry until the divorce has been finalized, irrespective of the country.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why do you want to marry a guy who is getting divorced? Do you want to be his future ex wife?

    • So you're saying if you marry someone who's divorced, its unlikely to last?

    • Statistics show that second marriages have an extremely low success rate. Third marriages actually last more often than second... people tend to marry a polar opposite of their first spouse the second time around... and it's like over compensation. The third spouse is often a happy medium.

  • My divorce took about 8 months total. In my state you cannot remarry until the divorce has been final for 6 months. Check your local laws but I don't know any where that allows you to marry before the divorce is final.


What Girls Said 3

  • How long it takes to get a divorce totally depends on where you live.

    Yeah a guy can propose to someone whenever, but he's going to look like a trashy douchebag... and everyone will assume the chick he asked was the other woman that ended the marriage.

  • Not sure
    But I answered the poll on
    "not likely"
    Next time you should put a poll up as
    So that people don't just choose one of their not sure and they just wanna see answers cause they're not sure

  • Which state is it and why the hell are you trying to get with a married man?

    • Its the uk, and if you read my question properly I said he is going through a divorce.

    • Until that dissolution is concluded, he's still legalls married. Drop that box of rocks back to his Mrs and find a man with less baggage.

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