My heart is broken what's the solution help please?

I've known this girl for maybe a month or more I don't remember the while cuz it was like forever for me... she were the first one actually & I can say I'm in love with her ya she's sweat , cool , nice she like what I like she like to eat what I eat she do what ido... the night that I've fell in love for her she told me that hope I will be the person who can modify the pain on ur shoulders & hope we can survive this world together... Ican say I was with my other half I've promised her ill never break her heart ever but she did she left me cuz of her family wanted me to propose to her to let us know each other will... They were rushing us to do something is too early cuz of their stupid traditions... she told me it's early too & i can't let anyone rush u on anything even me good bye & good luck in life... then no calls no texting nothing :'(


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  • awwwwww. I'm so sorry hun. Honest I don't know how to fix your broken heart because everyone is different, But I can give you a cyber hug. *hugs abddi-12* but thats all i can do


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  • Sorry that sucks, but unfortunately you just gotta wait for it to go away only cure for that is time. It goes away and if you want to speed it up a little dont sit around being sad go our and keep busy

    • Thanks maybe it will help ill try it :'(

    • If you're going to be sad either way might as well be sad and doing things than sad home alone

    • I guess I'll be home alone idon't know what's gonna happen :'( ...
      Cuz my only friend he's in the u. s now & got no friends here cuz people in here is not friendly at all

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    Take three handfuls a day per mouth.

  • Y u think its early? I think her family have the right to know u well in the end they spend many years to grow that girl they want good person for her
    Go prpose to her u already said she's ur half part right? Wondering what u wating for

    I think it's ur fault if u will wait 1 more day and its ur choise

    Maybe they want see if u r serious about the girl
    And y u r not engage at least?

    • Actually she thought that she is rushing me to do something that I don't want to but she never asked she end it directly by switch off the phone & by blocking me on Facebook & on whatsaap & im try'n to call her but no use should I go to her family house?

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    • No way its her mother

      Now based on arab culture u should let ur mother talk her mother and then they deal togther first and then its ur turn to let her accept u and like u , as I know the father should lead that case but as u said she control evrything

      Now u should take it serious and let u mother talk her mother and then they take appointment and u will go with ur family to her home u should know each other n that way I think they will accept u if u have job and can handle family or if they're good enough they will give u 1 year to fix ur life and be ready to take their daughter as ur wife

      Now if u will not take these steps watch ur dreams fall and eat 3 handful gummy bears a day

    • Ill do my best man pray for me Hope that works
      thanks bro :)

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