How do I get over my ex boyfriend? :(?

We've been together for a year we usto live together I treated his kids like they were my own, I motivated him to get a car/job tried to help him get back on his feet I stayed home with him & his kids every weekend I feel so heart broken :'( i was there for him wen no one else was i helped him get his kids back!! and Now we are officially over & i think it's gana take me alongtime to get over him im feeling uncertain of the future (feeling like ima be forever alone) i hope he regrets it and sees i was good to him:( im trying to move on but its difficult
And we've officially broken up a week!


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  • It's always hard, it's always difficult. There's really no way to make the process go quicker. It takes time, and you can't make time run faster. You can keep your mind busy by being with family and friends. Being alone is never good because then you have time to think. But ultimately, it will hurt for a while. I know how difficult it is. I'm in a similar situation right now.

    You are young, you won't be forever alone. I know it's hard to believe it now, but at some point a guy will come along who will be better, and you will look back and feel good. It really just takes time to heal. But now you're free for something good, for something better.

    • I know everything ur saying right now is so true but it just seems like the end of the world which i know it isn't:( i just feel betrayed he gave up on someone who would of never gave up on him! I guess life ain't fair, thank u though means a lot i need someone to talk to:(

    • It always feels like the end of the world. Each time a relationship of mine ended, I felt absolutely horrible. I lost weight, couldn't sleep, basically walked around like a zombie. But after a while it stopped hurting, and when I look back now I can't even understand that I felt so down because of them. I know it's hard to believe and trust in these things when you're at the beginning of the situation. But the truth is you have existed before him, and you will existed after him. He is just a little bump in the road. Even if right now it feels like a huge obstacle you don't know how to overcome.

    • That's true i just hate things had to end i honestly thought we were going to be together forever i guess nothing lasts forever:'(

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  • Oh trust me you will like, I know I ain't a girl but it's still something i keep hearing for all my friends (girls)
    It will be really hard BUT eventually it's not that you will move on but just you will start caring less, and you will stop giving a fudge about him :). I mean I still have a tiny TINY amount of feelings for my ex'es. And yeah the sad part is you won't even fully get over him, but you will eventually see that it just takes time :).

    I hate to say it but the more longer the relationship is and the more you break up with someone, the easier it gets later when/if it happens again.

    • I can't wait til im at that point wen i don't care :( and i hope he ends up saying the mistake he's done so i can turn him dwn but i doubt its going to happen:( in trying my best to keep my head up its just hard

    • It will be hard but it will be worth it :) I know it sucks and you just wanna die so badly right now. But in like maybe a day or 2 that feeling will go away and with the next days and weeks you will start feeling like a normal human being again :). Just watch ;)

    • I hope you right:( i feel like its going to take me a couple months to get over him :(

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  • Only time can tell not right now but as time goes on your heal slowly. I understand how you feel I went through a tough break up about 9 months ago but I healed. Yes it's difficult right now but you'll get through it, it takes time. You won't be alone forever your still young and have many more years to go. Try to distract yourself if you can and hang out with close friends of yours and lean on a family member if you need too. Be with whoever makes you smile and values you at the fullest. I went through the same thing thought I'd never move on but I did with time. I used a different method though and it worked for me. Some point in life or time a guy will come into your life and show you how it never worked out with anyone else, trust me you are not alone I went through the same thing but I healed.


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