Is this bad? What should I do?

Ok so my ex gf of 6 months broke up with me nearly a week ago I blocked her, her mom & sister on fb because every time I saw a post from them I would get really depressed & so I decided to block then to help me cope. Now I have different people telling me that i shouldn't have blocked then because if she wants to get back with me then that just screwed it up. by the way she didn't really say why she left just that she was confused as to why she doesn't like me anymore but she then would also say that she does like me a lot & these past 6 months have been great totally contradicting everything she would say. So I'm wondering is it bad I blocked her? If no should I ever unblock her & re friend her? & should I ever try to contact her?


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  • I am quite sure, Funny7, that within the '6 months' you both were together, she has your number if she decides she wants to text or talk. And being she never gave you the common courtesy to Explain why she left you, then why do you feel you should give her anything in return as To-----Unblock her and re friend her?
    Leave well enough alone for now, sweetie. Start licking a few of your war wounds that you have started to do when you thought it best for your own sanity now. Never mind what the others try and say, they aren't you, they don't have a knife in their back nor one in their heart and if they continue, stay clear of them too... Start your new year by cutting out all cancers that end up a Depressant instead of bettering you and your health.
    As far as her ever wanting to get back with you, learn by this little lesson in love that you can't trust her, she is this disease that is sporadic, unpredictable And------Contradicting everything she would say.
    Good luck, Happy holidays. xx

    • Thank you for allowing me to lend a helping hand in the new year... Happy New Year, dear.:)) xxoo

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  • No you had every right to do what you needed to so that way you could cope healthily with the break up.

  • I don't think it's bad you blocked her and her family. You explained why you did it and what counts now is that you can move on. If blocking them is what you need then that is what you do. I disagree with your friends. She has other ways to get in touch with you and if the fact you blocked her on FB after she dumped you makes her have second thoughts, she's not the right one anyway.


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