My girlfriend dumped me for leaving skid marks on her mattress isn't that harsh?

My girlfriend of a two and a half years dumped me two days ago because when we woke up she noticed a few brown streaks on her mattress and realized that I had left skidmarks.

She was grossed out by the skidmarks and went ape shit at me, she started throwing cushions and pillows in my direction and told me to get out of her apartment and I became upset, started crying and left.

I tried phoning her, but she ignored my calls, I text her a few times and she ignored those as well and then sent me a break up text this morning. I am heartbroken and feel so embarrassed.


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  • If you're having skid marks it means you're constipated and the liquid stool in your colon is pushing through the hard stool.

    After 2 1/2 years if she dumps you over that then why go back? There's always two sides to a story and I assume there's more to it than just skid marks.


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  • Honestly it look like joke
    But is that sign of disease or u didn't clean urself enough?

    Now if she just dump u for that embarising reason I think that's good for u now u know how bad she's what if u r sick? And that's sign of something bad in ur colon?

    U cry for pussy move on

    And that's y u should use water to wash it


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  • First off, I think you're shitting us too. Second, wipe your ass. That's why there's a little roll of paper stuff by the john.

  • If this is serious she's retarded

  • Haha you shit ass you should of wiped your ass properly and she wouldn't of leaved your ass

  • is this a joke?


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  • Well that's why people wash their asses after pooping. I would have been upset that I've been sleeping in the same bed with someone who doesn't do the basics of hygiene.

  • LOL Funniest question on the day right here

    • I'm heartbroken :(

    • Sorry to hear mean, she took it abit far though. Most of been something else as well bothering her. But next time, learn to wipe properly lol

    • I was drunk when I climbed into her bed.

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