Get back with the ex?

ah yes, the infamous question that almost all of you have already heard and answered. I know, I know, its a headache having to advise that person not to go back to your ex, yes, I admit, I'm that person who tells that person not to, but please, I've got a problem of my own... I need some real good advice.

I'm on my 3rd year in nursing school and my main focus is to finish school before getting back into a relationship. that's why my ex who I was with, not even for 1 month, and I decided that we keep it mutual, plus, we've gone through long distance relationship and the last time I saw him was a year ago.. ok, so fast forward like a year later, this exact month, and up until now we kept in contact since. all friendly conversations really. but then our emotions are getting to us. we're bringing up how things would have been if we were to work at it and be willing to work things out if I'm through with school. he said I'm worth the wait, and he's in the u.s. navy. so my question is, should I really try this relationship out, I mean I have a year left of school to finish and I'm moving back to where I met him, my hometown. and I am considering of joining as navy officer nurse. oh gosh, that may be another problem too. navy officers aren't allowed to be in relationship with another military branch. well that's what I heard.

anyway, any advice will do. I'm all ears. hope this was a bit clear to answer. thanks.
Get back with the ex?
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