Guy won't accept or deny your friend request?

me and my ex have been broken up for 6 days he cowardly ran out of the relationship because he decided at last minute that he couldn't do long distance after he promised to make things work and that he would stick by me. well yes I was hurt we got into a heated argument and he came to the conclusion that he no longer wanted to hold conversation with me anymore and accused me of saying some mean things I guess. so he blocked me on Facebook, but I do have two accounts. he was suppose to send something back very valuable to me and the only reason why I contact him because it's been days and I haven't received it yet and I need the item. I tried contacting him from my other account not to try to get back together but to just inquire to see had he mailed it or did he even bring it because the address i'm currently at is only temporary. he refuses to respond and I don't know what else to do in order to get my things back. I understand he doesn't wish to speak to me but he has something that belongs to me and he won't even put our differences aside to even talk to me about just that particular thing. I tried to FB friend request so that I could call that FB phone thing to speak to him about my stuff but he hasn't accepted or rejected my friend request it just sits there but he has accepted other people's request. I understand people grow apart but I did try to do my part and make peace with him, not saying that we have to be friends but why is he acting like this. I just want my things back.


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  • i accept any friend request
    but they dont sene request:((((


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