I cheated my best friend and my Flirt ? Help me?

I have a flirt ( since 3 months ) and I love him , and I cheated him on my best friend's husband..( we had 3 times with her husband ) and Im ashamed of myself but I pray everyday for my crime , and now I want to tell the truth to my best friend and my flirt.. is it a good idea or should I go on in this relationship?
Any suggestion? Please help me


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  • If you don't tell them now you will probably just keep feling guilty about it and end up telling them in the end.
    It sounds to me as if you like your friends husband better than your flirt so you might want to consider ending it with your flirt. If you do that, then there is no need to tell him, since it will only hurt him unnecesarily.
    As for your friend, she deserves to know. Even though it will hurt her a lot.


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