How long after breaking up should you wait to date someone else?

My girlfriend and I recently broke up after dating for three months. We had a great first month and a half or so of the relationship but after that things started going downhill. We never hung out really and it was a hassle to find time together, plus she kept putting me on the backburner. We hadn't kissed in a month or hung out alone in a month before we finally decided to end it. When we finally ended it we decided to just be friends cause we both like eachother just not in a relationship sort of way. However I'm talking to other girls and I'm starting to kind of like them since I hadn't really felt anything for a girl in almost 5 weeks. However our official breakup was only 4 days ago. So my question is how long should I wait to pursue any serious relationships with other girls? All they see is me trying to find a girl immediately after breaking up, so what is the socially acceptable amount of time to wait without looking like a douche?


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  • I don't think you should care much about what people say or what your ex would think. You decide your time, whenever you feel emotionally stable is the time to start dating again, and by "emotionally stable" I mean you have forgotten about your ex and are ready to give your all to another person and not just play with her feelings.
    A piece of advice: after break ups, as part of the healing process, something really helpful is to spend some time alone, with yourself. In this way you can see what went wrong in the last relationship, what you need to change, what you really want. It also gives you time to think about things other than relationship stuff or "when will the other come to me?" Maybe not a long period of time, but the time you need to be you.
    Anyway, it's your life and you decide what to do with it. People are always going to speak their minds and judge you or support you, so don't worry a lot about the opinion of the others and just let it happen with time. Whenever you start dating, just feel like you are ready to do it and don't push you to date or start a new relationship if you don't feel like it. It's your life and it's all about you being ready to go on.


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  • Es en serio todo depende de la persona se siente, y la desintegraci├│n de cu├ín poderoso es/era.


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  • My ex started dating someone a week after we broke up. Just go for it. Who cares? I mean, you guys broke up for a reason so you should be allowed to go and date someone as soon as you guys broke up. 4 days is long enough. Get back on the saddle!

  • Everyone has different opinions but I say a month and a half, my ex got a new girl the next month it hurt me real bad, but it's up to you


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