Would a girl lose attraction towards a guy?

... if she discovers / finds out that the guy she is with is really very very hairy on almost whole of his body?


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  • Yeah... Kinda :/ but it does depend on the person..

    • Would she distance herself from him and start avoiding him?

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    • ... do you think MOST girls think the way you do?
      yeah , if at MOST places the hair is dense cover and hides the skin...

    • I dont know, some do some dont. Your use of capital letters in alarming and slightly threatning please calm down

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  • It really depends on the girl some of my friends find it a turn off some do not. Me personally doesn't bug me if its a bit but all over the back and shoulders not my thing. Id say usually young girls In their teens wouldn't really like it but as they mature they ll grow past it. hope that helps

  • nope hair can be shaved

    • ... but natural less hairy is much much better than an overly hairy guy who shaves...

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