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So I live with my ex boyfriend. We moved in together four months ago and he broke up with me three months ago. We were together for four years.
How can I reattract him and move us from friends to a relationship? He said he likes our friendship now. I know we will get back together eventually, but i want to quicken it. Do I start ignoring him and not being home? Stop actin like a friend so I don't et friend zoned? Help!


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  • Yes! Stop acting like you're sitting around waiting for him to come to his senses. Make yourself busy, go out and do things and don't tell him what you're up to. Once he sees what he is missing than he will be quicker to want you back in his arms

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    • @findingmyway - you sound brilliant and beautiful. Wanna chat? Lol

    • Lol thanks!

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  • It's pretty hard to make a guy who already said "Just friends", get his feelings back towards you.
    Know a thing tho. Every guy ALWAYS deep down inside of him wants his ex back, nomatter what he says or thinks there is always that little spot where he still wants the old ways back.
    So try and find that place and you just got yourself a second chance :)

    • How do I do that?

    • Just lure him. Keep luring him but if he gets too suspicious, play it cool like you mean something WAAAAY diffrent :3.
      Cmon you're a girl. Girls always know how to trick guys :)

  • He doesn't want a relationship. Rushing it won't make it better. But yes, stop being so available to him.


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  • Relationships can get rocky at times.
    Conniving almost always backfires.
    Keep in touch, and be available.
    You can't "make" him do anything.
    I mean, why would you even.

    If a guy rejects, or doesn't want me, I sure as hell lose interest in him in a NY minute.


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