My boyfriend won't let me break up with him?

My current boyfriend of only a few months won't let me go. Im just going to be honest here, i have cheated on him once and he knows it and we worked it out, But ever since, my love for him has faded away. he hasn't done anything wrong, i just don't want to be in a relationship like this. we fight a lot, and i never get to see him. he says he loves me all the time but i just can't do it. also he is an atheist and i'm not, and i just feel awkward around him sometimes. i do love him, i just don't think this is right. i tried to break up with him & he wouldn't let me. he called me a lot and texted me and when i blocked him, he got a new number. i just don't know what to do. i need help?


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  • You tell him that if he does not stop contacting you, that you will get your parents and the police involved. Period. And stick to that.


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  • File a restraining order. He's a creeper and you're a neighborhood sharer.


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  • To make a relationship work both parties need to want it to work. If you don't feel the same as him let him down gently.

    If he harasses you still tell the police.

  • walk a way

  • tell him that u r a cheater n u don't deserve him.


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