How to let a guy down gently by text?

Ok so I've been talking to this guy from tinder for a week or so now and we went out for drinks. He texted me right after saying he had a super awesome time and wants to see me again soon.

I, however, did not have a super awesome time and don't think I want to really see him again. It was just too awkward for my liking, no chemistry.

So my question is, how do I say that if I'm super shy about that whole topic? So far I've said I had fun too but I'm super busy over the next few weeks etc etc. Boys, how would you want it to be handled?
  • Tell him the truth
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  • Go out with him again, maybe you'll have fun
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  • Keep being busy, he'll get the hint
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  • Make up a sweet lie
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If it was awkward and you are simply unsure on how you feel then I say go hang out again. Usually the second meeting is more comfortable and easy flowing.

    If you are just done with the guy - tell him that you were glad you got to meet but you are not interested, thank you.


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What Guys Said 2

  • From my experience girls just don't text back and hope the guy gets the hint.

    I would let him down gently by saying I like you as a person but not ready for a relationship line.

  • Just say "No thanks" and be done with it. You aren't the first. You won't be the last.


What Girls Said 3

  • omg i have the exact same problem as you currently. this is super sweet to me and a real gentleman however he's not my type and i feel so guilty. I asked a guy how should i deal with this and he told me that one thing that guys appreciatte is honesty. So the best thing you can do is to tell him the truth.

  • Rejection sucks for everyone, but it's much easier to deal with when the person is up front and honest, without being an ass about it of course. Just tell him the truth

  • Just tell him that you don't think you're a good match and that you wish him luck for his future dates.


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