Why am I so lonely and devastated by the idea of being single?

I was single for a long time but I found a relationship was SO happy to be with someone just because the guy wanted to be with me. He was so awful so I dumped him. Even though I did not want him back I felt so lonely being single again. I couldn't take it. I put myself out there, probably with lower standards than usual, and within a month I found a new boyfriend. I was so relieved to have someone again, it's like a drug. But now my new relationship might not work out either.

For very different and much sadder reasons I might add. My new boyfriend isn't a prick.

But now the idea of being alone again... for the past six months I've only been single for a few weeks. The thought scares me. If I break up with my boyfriend I want to jump to someone new. I love my boyfriend a lot but if it can't work I don't want to be alone.


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  • Don't try to beat your loneliness. Allow it to make you stronger.


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  • I will state the obvious (and I am sure you are aware of this) but we don't have partners only so they keep us from being alone, but because they actually add something to our lives, as we do to theirs. If you just keep running from one boyfriend to another, you will be very unlikely to find that perfect match for you and you will simply accumulate a huge number of broken relationships.

    I would suggest that you need to learn to be on your own before you can be with someone. It's not a bad thing being single. Not at all. If there's nobody around who you REALLY want to be with, being single is always preferable and healthier.


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