How can i get him to chase me and want me back?

I live with my ex, we broke up 3 months ago. We were together 4 years. we still live together, how can i get him to chase me and want me back?
He broke up with me because of fighting, our problems are fixed. Tips?


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  • Well, if I lived with my ex, if our problems were solved, assuming that I'd feel attracted by her. Personally seeing her naked willing that I wanted her would make me chase her wherever I saw her, even if she hid from me! haha.

    • He said he's not over me, but he likes our friendship. So how can I like make him want more than a friendship? I've heard guys want what they can't have. So do i just act disinterested, go out more, act like I'm over him? or what?

    • What you can try to do is making him feel again what once he felt for you in the past. Think of something you did that he thought that was amazing! Try to do it again. What did he like in you? Try to make him notice it again. Be just the way he likes. Personally I'd find it hard to resist something like that.

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  • You can't 'make' him do anything. You habe been together 4 years sharing a living quarter. You know him better than we do and he knows you better than we do. If he wants you, he will come to you without any gimmicks or ploy. You should do the same and just talk it out with him.

  • Show him you are capable of conversing without fighting and that you want to give things a try again. Don't sleep with him until he agrees, you don't want him thinking you're using sex to get him back even if it seems he wants it.

  • Lots of sex and heart to heart conversation

    • He said he likes our friendship, so I don't know what to do.

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    • Ya I guess so, but he keeps saying he's not over me yet, he just thinks we get along better this way. I mean after he said that Im going to just make him realize I can't be his friend (I was under the assumption that we were getting back together because he treated me like his gf), because its too hard.

    • So you may have a chance, just don't be too pushy and keep yourself available and he'll probably give it another shot.

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  • This is a tuff one. The honeymoon is over and it's either going to last or it's not.. I think this is where people really decide if they actually want the other person and to be in a relationship with them. Can't be forced though :[
    You can not MAKE someone chase you again or want to.


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