Did I screw up any chance I might have had?

Ok so my ex & I were together for 6 months & she broke up with me a week ago & I unfriended & blocked her & her mom on fb because it was hard for me to cope still being being able to see pics & posts from her. It's still really hard for me but it's a lot easier since I blocked her. But a few of my friends say that since she was so stressed out from finals & thinking about everything she has to do next semester of school she may have just acted irrationally & after a couple of weeks she may realize she does want to be with me & thinking more with a clear mind & want to get back with me. Since I unfriended & blocked her I am thinking what if that screwed up any chance I have of getting her back I know she has had ex's that she has said don't like her now & she basically said if there mad at them screw them. I don't want to unblock her just incase she doesn't want me back because it still hurts really bad. Is that immature? Do y'all think me blocking her screwed up any chance of me getting her back? I really want her back I miss her so much. Thank you all for any advice or opinion you all can give me.


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  • If a relationship between you depends on who blocks or unblocks who - then yes, it's very immature. If she really did want to be back with you then she would contact you and have a mature conversation with you about why she broke up with you and why she feels that was wrong, otherwise don't put yourself through hell sitting around wondering what if?


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  • hey man what ended up happening?

    • Hey man still haven't contacted her & she's hasn't me neither. I still think about her a lot but it's easier to dill with thankfully. Only thing is I don't know why but the thought of her sleeping with another guy bothers me a lot. Any advice on getting over that?

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