How to trust women again?

I was in a relationship with a girl until about a year ago. I asked her to marry me and she said no. After that, I went to get my stuff from her place and she literally laughed in my face, which made it hurt even more. It was truly horrific, emotionally.

I have been on a couple of dates in the last few months but I just can't bring myself to trust anyone again. I don't know how to do it. Do I just keep going on dates and hoping that I start to actually feel something again?
I would appreciate some advice.


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  • Most woman aren't like that.
    But I know how you feel.
    I hate all men and feel what you feel.


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  • Yea, getting dumped sucks (or whoever dumped who), especially if you were in deep enough to have your stuff at her place. You obviously don't believe in the flow.. you seem to have a set path. You need to believe in the flow. You didn't obey it the first time, now here you are. You have to understand that the new people you are dating are NOT the girl that broke your heart, they deserve a fresh outlook. Im not saying its easy, im saying you have to try to see it that way.


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  • Not all women same and I see its ok to not trust until u see some signs that will make u bealive n the girl u dating her

    But it's bad idea u go to date or go with girls and u keep n ur mind they're all like ur ex I dont say trust them direct but also dont judge early wait for sometime until u know them well that time u can judge


  • Your relationship must have been in a pretty poor state for her to mock you like that. And yet you were clueless to the emotional signs and thought she might say yes if you proposed.

    Clearly you need to work on reading people.


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