Email to ex boyfriend?

So, I was thinking to send an email to my ex. Why?

He is just a wonderful person but he used to have problems with his family, he is from a wealthy family but never felt that he was better than anyone and his parents did. He used to have big differnces with them.

Even that he only takes the good from everything, you are not going to hear him saying a negative or bad comment; he has great attitude towards eveything but his only problem was he never spoke at least he was not open to people about almost everything but he used to talk to me.

I would like to know how he is. The last time we talked was last Christmas he sent me a message, then I sent him an email for his birthday this year.

In one exchange of emails he asked me for my mobile number I gave it he called but I was away from my cell and didn't answer.

What do you think?
About my feelings there a few I'm almost done with that.


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