What should I do? Should I just give up?

I been with my girl for 9 years, this past week she told me that she doesn't love anymore I was a bad husband I can said that but when I heard that really broke me apart, she said that she just want to be alone to have time for her self and our daughter but, we decided to pass this last days has a family so we everything a normal couple do but not sex , and she said that why I'm showing all this affection now that its to late but I don't wanna let her go I will be going out of town for a few week in 15 days and I told her to take that time to be alone and think over that we will talk after I came back. so the question it's simple Do I just Scared to be alone, do I have a chance to win her back, what should I do? Why she still let it me kiss, cuddle and hold hands?


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  • Hmmm I'm very sorry to hear that :( 9 years is a long time to spend together. So you know she's unhappy because of lack of affection. I don't want to sound cynical here but you might need to grovel. Reason being is for a long time she probably felt as if you didn't care and now she is cold towards you. Show her you care and then when the time comes to go for a few days, hopefully she'll realize during that time that she does still love you and is just mad at you. I sincerely hope you two work it out.

    • Thanks I will do my best to make up to her in these next days, cause again I'm the only one to blame

    • well that depends. Has she ever talked to you about these problems before? If not she should of told you before things got to this point. If she has talked to you and you didn't change anything then it is sorta your fault :\

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  • Are you scared to be alone? Yes.
    Do you have a chance? Probably not.
    Why does she still take your affection? Because she still loves you, despite feeling nothing related to the depths of genuineness.


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  • i think you have a chance, you just gotta try. that sucks d00d. my friend broke up with her bf after 7 years! and all she said was she's not feeling it anymore. fucking scary shit.

    • We have a date plan for tomorrow I have everything ready to impress her like never before, I really hope she take me back even if we have to take some time apart

  • I say file for custody then giver her divorce papers. Make sure you get fifty fifty custody and get out now before ten years and lifetime alimony.


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