Is it possible to get over a first ex? I'm miserable?

It's been two and a half years since my break up with my first boyfriend, I thought I was good and over him but today I can't sleep and I've been crying all night, this is irritating because school is more important.
Here's the back story, I met my ex in 8th grade he was the first long term crush I've ever had, I Had no real friends in middle school and I was bullied all through out my middle school life as well, so my ex was my only friend. I had to move schools because the bullying got too intense. After 5 months he broke up with me saying that it was his parents fault. So in my whole 9th grade year we talked as friends, a couple months later he confessed that the reason that he broke up with me was because he thought that I would leave him for someone else and that he regrets breaking up with me. Ever since then I've been trying to get back with him but he made the descision to date in college because he wasn't mature enough for a realationship. I also really messed up when he told me that he " still had some feelings for me" and I took that as " we should go out again" so I tried that and he tells me that I'm like a sister to him. After that we would argue all the time about getting back together. On the day that we last talked, I asked him about staying as friends or just not talking at all. He got upset and said that I always bring this up and that I need to make my descision now. I told him that I couldn't make a decision because I still had feelings for him. He told me to message him saying that "I want to still be friends"or just don't message him at all and he'll understand. I tell him that I can't make a desicion, this is unfair and that he should just do whatever because I didn't want to talk then. He never messaged me again after that but he hasn't blocked me on any social media.
Do you think that I should just contact him?
Or should I try to move on?


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  • It's difficult to get over a first love/ex but it is possible. I think your mind is still focused on him and you are struggling moving on. I would try to move on if I were you and just talk to other people and hang around other people. I wouldn't insist on being friends that is a bad idea. Some guys will make you and some will break you but you have to find the one who will treat you right and love you for you. He isn't the one for you there's other guys out there. I would try to hang around oriole that make guy happy. Don't be friends with him though it'l make things harder. Just because he was your guest doesn't mean he'll be your last, you'll meet tons of people in your life. Plus your still young and have plenty of years to go. Try to heal slowly it takes baby steps that's what it took for me. I know it sounds impossible right now but only time can tell. You can do it trust me I know you can, I did too. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Totally.

  • You should definitely try to move on. You are very fixated on this guy and it is not good for you. You are young and you will meet guys who want to be with you and don't make you feel horrible. He's just not the one for you, that doesn't mean that there isn't anyone else who is. But see, as long as you're so fixated on him you aren't free to actually discover happiness.
    Maybe one day you can be friends with him, but right now he's not good for you. You need to start hanging around with people who make you feel good and don't constantly push you away.


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