Why will my ex show all the signs of still having feelings for me but says he isn't ready for a relationship?

As stated above if you were to see both of us you think we are together. We kiss, flirt hang our, text each other about our day. People even tell us you'll need to get back with each other already. However, when I asked him recently about us he said he wasn't ready for a relationship because he needs to see who he is and what he wants. I've told him I'm going to just stay out of his way and he tells me I didn't say that so stop. What do you'll think is going on? Is he testing me? Afraid to get hurt? What?


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  • He wants to have the fun without the responsibility. Or have his cake and eat it too. It's rather lame of him because he can have it all but there's not much respect or consideration for you in the whole thing. He's sort of keeping you on the back burner until someone else comes along. Don't let him do that. Either he wants a relationship with you or then he loses all those privileges boyfriends have. Simple.

    • Yeah your right the next thing I need to do now is stop allowing him to have all those privileges I'm starting to see how that doesn't pressure him at all to make a decision. . it really sucks that it's going to be so hard for me because I enjoy the moments we do spend time together and he kisses me but your right why wld that make him make up his mind

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  • Because love and lust are very similar but very different as well.

    • Which one sounds more like him?

    • You tell me.

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