What is the best way to give up on someone?

I used to talk to this guy online for the longest time. Recently he said it won't workout so we stopped talking its been almost a month. I tried meeting many other guys but i am very disinterested in any of them event though they seem very goodlooking, rich and everything. This guy who i have never met has been on my mind all the time! what do I do? I even tried taking a break for a week from social media crap! doesn't work! Any suggestions? ideas? I think its way beyond infatuation with this online guy.
has anyone ever been in this situation before? how do you go about this?


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  • Yep you gotta find other guys to talk to... even if you are not interested talk to them. Chances are you are putting this old guy on a pedestal and speaking from experience the only way to move on is to realize he is not all that and that "amazing connection" you had with him was clearly not that amazing or else you guys would still be talking.

    Move on it's for your own good.


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  • Find another guy


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