How do you know if youve moved on?

my bf of one year broke up with me 3 weeks ago. but we've been rocky for awhile before that. since we've been broken up, he still flirts with me and kisses me and wants to cuddle and talk to me. and then says he doesn't want to lead me on and its a "friend" kiss. so we just got back together and now I think I've moved on, but how do you know?


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  • He is playing games. Screw him and move on he doesn't know what he wants and you deserve better.

    • I still love him though. And I don't know about if I deserve better. He's not a bad guy in reality, he just lets his friends influence him, which is why he dumped me in the first place (they don't like me). He says he misses me and loves me, but I'm kinda like do I really want to get back with him and have to deal with the break up again?

    • I totally get it. I know you love him but if he was deserving of you and he really wanted to make it work he would defend you against his friends and stand by your side and be your man. He wants his cake and eat it too. It will be hard to move on but it will be for the better. Maybe he will realize after you leave him for good how much of an ass he was being.

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  • That's a stupid reason to break up with someone. You have to move on. I wouldn't even bother being friends with him. And he shouldn't be flirting with you anyways I wouldn't give him the time of day. He just wants to string you along and lead you on. You have to learn how to move on and let him go. Him breaking up Ruth you because his friends don't like you is pathetic. Why'd you get back together with him? If you had already moved on you shouldn't have went back to him. If you don't want to risk getting your heart broken then maybe you should come clean with him. I've never heard of sbtbobg such as a "friend" kiss. You know you deserve better so why did you get back with him?


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