Guys what does this behavior mean?

So i broke up with My boyfriend, not because i don't love HIM no more nor my feelings changed, it's because i'm such an emotional wreck.. I have too much problems and iT kinda got in our way. I felt down and depressed that it had affected our relationship so hard we starterd arguing about The stupiedst things... I broke up with HIM with pain in My heart. Told HIM that if we are really meant for eachother that we Will find our way back. He was broken But at The end he was really understanding. He told me that he'll wait for me, iT felt good to hear those words.

Altho we broke up now wich means he's free to do whatever he wants, iT kinda hurts me when i saw picturess of HIM with girls all over him.
He normally never go out and party But lately he doesn't do anything else.

He looked happy. Is he already over me like so fast?


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  • Maybe yes maybe no
    U said he looked but u don know whats his real feeling

    Now maybe he move on already or he just go party and find some girls to forget his pain with u

    Who knows


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  • He's just living life getting on with things, what did u expect that he join a monastery?


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  • he might be in a rebounce relationship. focus on what you want gal


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