No contact for 16 days but my things are at his place. What should I do?

I've been in a relationship with my ex for almost 3 years. He messed up big time twice and it lead me to break up with him which turned our relationship into an on-off again one. He disappointed me extremely over summer when I was supposed to move in with him and we had everthing planned but last minute he said his parents would cut him off and I had to find another option. I visited my parents at that time in a different state - decided to move down to that state. Ex and I got back together and I left my stuff at his place and moved down/drove down several states south. He broke up with me in October and never gave me a reason. I was shocked, sad, mad and crazy and fought - but he ignored me. We spoke in November but only over text. I am moving back up to the same state and city where my ex is bc of a job. He said he'd help me move and would like to take me to lunch. He doesn't want a relationship though. We haven't talked now for 16 days and in about a week I'm moving. I'm terrified. I'm scared to see him again. I feel like I have nothing to say to him but I'm scared of what I'll feel and what I might do when I see him again. This has been the longest time we've been apart and lived in different states. I don't think I want him back unless he would want to fix things but at the same time I feel like I can't trust myself. Any advice in what to do? I will have to get my stuff from him when I move but he hasn't initiated contact and I'm scared somehow to see him. I feel like he turned into a stranger and someone I don't know anymore.


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  • If you have the key to his apartment just call him and say you need to talk and then when you know he has driven away from his apartment sneak in and take your stuff and go home and at the same time you also get some revenge because he had sat and waited for you
    But make sure that you not told him to meet you at your apartment

    • Don't have the key to his apartment :/ We lived in different states for three months

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  • Hold your head high. He doesn't want a relationship it's over and clearly not working. Collect your things but don't get involved in an emotional way, u can do it. U deserve way better than this guy

  • You say he is someone you dont know anymore, may be he hasn't changed, but its the mask that's fell off.


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