Is my ex doing this on purpose And why?

me and my ex broke up 2 months ago

We still. Do couple things. Watch movie, eat out.
To make story short i stop talking to him early week this month

Were not friends on ig anymore but i can still see his page because its on public

In one of his recent post was a Cat, we even share the same name

.. not sure if he name the cat after me

the cat and i has the same name and it was just a coincedence?

he even put #WCW (woman crush wednesday)

I was like, why would he put wcw a cat? Or he purposely puts it and make the cat his wcw to cover the truth that it is meant for me?

Pls i dont wanrt rude answers thanks


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  • No, a picture of a cat isn't a hidden message. If you want to clarify why he's behaving that way then ask him.

    • i haven't ask him that. we just started talking and seeing each other again after 6 months -.- .. he said this will be a new slate for us, but I don't know how to ask him what i saw on ig, i dont want him to think im weird or creepy -.-

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  • the picture doesn't mean anything, is just messing with you, but why dont talk to him? see what is actually happening instead of guessing. why were you looking at his IG anyway u guys aren't talking anyway. sorry I am not more help :(

    • bc i stopped talking to him, were trying to move on -.- but i guess it didn't work.. so now were seeing each other again, haven't ask him yet about the post without soundig bring creepy, its been 6 months so I don't know how and what to ask

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