BOYS which makes more sense?

To get an ex boyfriend back (we were together 4 years), would it make more sense to completely ignore him and play hard to get (let him come to me), or for me to pursue him and be flirty?
We live together too, and the reason he broke up with me is resolved (communication/fighting).


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  • Is he trying to get you back too? If he seems eager about it, let him come to you.

    Otherwise, you'll have to be the one to start flirting with him and giving him attention now haha.

    • He flirts with me so Im not sure? Everytime i ask to get back together he says i don't know. And okay.

    • I think he likes having you around because well, guys like to tease girls, they're just so much fun haha. But i don't think he's very open to getting back together, so you'll have to do the trying.

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