Ex Girlfriend's Birthday coming up. Wish her a Happy Birthday? And what to say?

Here's some background to start:
We are both in our 20's. She's a few years younger than me. When we were together, everything was great. But we eventually broke up. We've been broken up for 2 months now, we were together for 6 months. She ended it with me (It ended okay. We don't hate eachother) She cried a lot, and she said she'll always love me. I did no contact for 1 month immediately after we broke up. After no contact I texted her up beat things to show her I'm doing great and she responded back surprisingly positive. She asked how I was doing, I asked her how she's doing, she asked about my family, what's going on in our lives, etc (equally lengthed messages). To make things short, We're sort of in contact through text again but probably once every 1-2 weeks. And I'm always the one who initiates. But I notice every so often, she will like a photo of mine on Instagram.

Anyway, It's her birthday in a couple days. Do I wish her a Happy Birthday? If so, what should I text her? And I'm not talking about any clever cheesy needy lines. Do I bring up positive things in our relationship to get her thinking emotionally about me again? Do I mention that I wish I could be there to celebrate her special day? Or should I just keep cool and say "Happy Birthday, Hope all is well, Talk soon."?

I really need all the help I could get. I'm trying my best to show that I'm fine without her and that I'm doing cool things now (showing value). But I loved this girl and I know she loved me a lot. Honestly, I'd like to have a new relationship with her again.



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  • Dude, just text her a "Happy Birthday" without any pretense. Be a friend.


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  • You leave it alone.

  • just wish her happy birthday basically LOL


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