Help, my "ex" is ridiculously flirty, and I dont know how she feels?

Complicated situation;

Me and this girl were going on a date, then we ended up not going, she essentially said she doesn't have feelings in that way anymore.


She still flirts with me, along with other people, she dumped me by text, so I dont know how she felt at the time, but I dont know if she still has feelings or not.

How do I find out?


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  • Communication is a key!!! Speak to her ask her whats going on!! Tell her you need things clarifying because you dont know how to feel because she has not told you how she feels. Dont do it infront of people try ro see her on her own and be nice about it im sure she will explain if you ask.

    • Are you sure it wouldn't make her uncomftable? I still find her amazing, but can't keep saying it.

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    • Ok thanks

    • Your welcome and good luck

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