Ex asking about me in detox?

I hung out with an old high school friend, and she told me my ex asked her if she's talked to anyone from high school. She works at a detox facility, and is allowed to talk to the people inside. (Don't know her job description very well, but it's the gist of it). Anyway, she said some people then he mentioned my name, and she said not lately and he said I've been thinking about her lately. That was basically it, so what I'm wondering is why he's been thinking about/asking about me.. We broke up close to four years ago, and last talked early this year. I'm not sure what to think. Our breakup was weird, and didn't really get closure.


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  • Seems like you still care for him. Maybe write him a letter and tell him you hope he is doing well and that you are proud of him. See where it goes

    • He actually got out, and I found out that this conversation took place this past summer. :/ thank you though.

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