Your Insight Wanted: Possible to get back together?

The bf recently broke up with me a few weeks ago after a 10 month relationship. He said he wasn't attracted to me anymore.

It's not exactly a new problem as he used to keep asking me "Why do you like me?", and "When are we gonna break up?" a few months into the relationship. But I was blindsided by his decision a few weeks ago as just a month before that, in a moment of feeling incredibly fed up with his lack of effort, I asked to break up and he talked me out of it.

On the night he broke up with me, I asked him to look me in the eye and tell me if we are never getting back together. His reply was "never say never."

We got on fairly alright for a while until I found out one night that he has reactivated his old online dating profile (through which we met) shortly after we broke up. I only really found out because he had visited my old profile after reactivating (I had reactivated and kept mine back in July after we had our first fight when I found out he never deleted his, though I never visited it until that night). We ended up making a deal - he will delete any and all dating profiles, in exchange, I will no longer come to the Monday gatherings we have with mutual friends.

Recently, I emailed him to apologize for my outbursts, for how utterly vicious I can get when I'm extremely hurt. Again I told him he knew what I hope and want for us, and asked that if that's something he doesn't want ever again, then let's never be in touch ever again. He replied that we'll talk again.

I guess my questions are:
- What is he feeling?
- Is it possible to get back together?
- How?

Thanks guys and girls! :)


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  • Not attracted to you? ...

    • Dating profile? he doesn't want yo seen with you in public?

      i recently had a breakup and reconciliation with my boyfriend. However, he was still attracted to me (i seduced him the same day after he broke up). He did not start dating agsin... and he still wanted to tslk to me when wie saw each other out. in fact not a day we t by he dod not text..

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