She Left? Or Coming back?

I had a Fight with my Fiance on 15th July 2014. After that i tried to reach her but she refused to meet me. I Questioned about relationship She said that she is leaving it on God's will. Five months are passed & we didn't have a Single word of conversation. I love her , waiting for her. What do you think? She left or She will come Back?
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I Loved her in the Past & I love her now. All i want is to get her Back :'( Is there a way?


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  • Yep whatever happened it was the straw that broke the woman's back. Let her have peace, she made her choice.

    • What if I Want her Bad & cry for her?

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    • The whole am gonna die without you thing only works on teenagers. Crying for her to come back in order to guilt trip her into a response is manipulation. Why did she leave you?

    • Cause i wanted her to stop talking with other guys

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  • Okay so time has passed, nothing yet huh? Maybe she moved on, but saying leave it in gods will, that won't get you anywhere. Honestly if she really wanted to, she should forget about the fight and get over this and patch things up. That's how a relationship should be two people working together to make something work. But crying over it won't bring her back, she needs to see you being confident and out going. I was dumped by my gf of almost a year, left for her ex and right now I'm hurting but I'm using this down time to get back in the gym. Not going to be dating but focusing on that body that makes girls melt, that's what I'm going to do with my down time. I will always love her and miss her dearly, but I can't wait and cry for her to return. I'm going to live my life and focus on what I want. My whole relationship I focused on her and the relationship, but not myself. So this is well deserved for me. Do what you think is best, I'm one for go getting what you want and don't be afraid to be shot down. At least I could say I put up a fight. Good luck my friend.


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  • If you could I would like for you to specify the nature of your fight and how your relationship had been untill the fight. Maybe you guys already had serious problems and are better off without each other. 5 months is a long time to not have heard anything back from her. I believe she has already moved on, but maybe try and approach her? anyways ur feedback about what i asked u 1st would really help me see ur problem more clearly.

  • if it's meant to be she will come back but as of right now just focus on YOU, who knows maybe ull meet someone else to show u why it didn't work out w her

    • If i want her only on this mother planet for my entire life?

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    • come*

    • I can't think of other girls :'( It is cheating in my thoughts

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  • You need to ask her, it's been a very long time.

    • what if she don't want to talk?

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    • In a year you might still feel the same.
      It's not nice to hear but she probably knows she could be with you in a second if she wanted and she doesn't want to speak to you.

    • Okay. Thanks for Opinion :)

  • I think 5month its long time and maybe she dont love u as u do bcoz I think u dont like to be far from her more than week but she did 5month the girl obviously not into u specialy no any single word

    Now go directly to her if u can and give her ultimatum u will know if she want u or no everything will be clear

    Or move on and find new girl with time u will be better

    I prefer u talk her personally and find whats her answer



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