Will my ex come back? And what's the issue?

Long story short. My ex came back and before I gave him a second chance he chased me and chased me and I actually told him to leave me alone but he chased me and he was there for me through a bad break up and we talked as friends so I have him another Chance this time he was proving to me everything being consistent but the problem is he's too friendly calling females bae and the girl he called bae thought he was gay smh he broke up with me or beat me to the punch cause he got caught calling that girl bae? I mean I gave him a second chance and he begged for me to forgive him why fuck that up? He's just too friendly my friend told me he flirted with his sister even though we has a man seem like he don't knew what he want or wanna commit but why come back doing good then slowly fuck up? I do love him I'm not pressed to get him back I do want us to work out but it's him that needs to realize back then he apologized saying he ain't a bad person smh and he's petty to like for example if we argueing hell do something like this "lmao okay" with kissey face emojis smh that is what a female would do. But my point is why come back why apologize? Why break up with me over something stupid smh you suppose to make your second chance the best he's confusing but over all we had good times and I do love him I don't know why he started off good and communicating then doing friendly stuff smh it sucks... What should I do?


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  • Let him go, he isn't capable of being with 1 person if he's seeking attention from every other female around him


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