What do guys do when they go through a break up? Honest how do you guys get over so quickly?

Say you loved this girl, had a child with this girl, dating this girl for 4 years, said you loved this girl, and have had multiple family sharing memories with each other. But then because of fighting and other problems you guys break up how do men take it so we'll bounce back and get over it so easily? Also why would you want to stay friends with this ex when you know how much they love you?


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  • It depends on the guy, I get over breakups easily because I force myself to move on and I focus on myself and the future. I don't usually want to remain friends with my exes though, it stops me from closing the book on that relationship and moving on.


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  • I get over break ups easy, but its because I never give a girl 100% of my love. I'm always ready to walk away. I give a girl 80% of the love I have, and I keep that 20% to myself so I can survive in case that girl is does me wrong or something.

    • You know that line from Heat? That's along the lines of "Don't attach yourself to anything you can't walk out on in 30 seconds or less" That's how I approach all relationships.

  • It depend on the guy

    But it's not easy to forget a girl and my child and all memories

    But in general I can move on fast I have my gym my drift car and the best solution find new girl


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