Feeling upset, lonely, and confused about break up/ex boyfriend. Help?

Hi Everyone,
I broke up with my boyfriend of two years about 3 months ago. Him and I were talking even after the break up for about a month debating whether or not to get back together. I made the ultimate decision not to go back because we had been fighting and even after breaking up it wasn't ending. Then my ex freaked out at me for not wanting him back, cussed me out, etc. I blocked him from everything. I go to a different college than him so its easy to avoid him. And I wasn't upset about losing us at all after this. Never even cried about it. I moved on. Found a new guy who really liked me, is extremely compatible with me. We're super happy at college together.
Now, two months later, I came home from college for break to find my ex waiting at my door. He apologized for his actions and wants to be friends. I told him I forgive him but still needed time away. However, ever since last week when this happened, I have felt extremely sad. I miss so much about my ex and the relationship we had. I know if I went back now it wouldn't be the same though. But I am just so sad I almost feel depressed. Everything reminds me of my ex.
I talk to my new boyfriend on Skype and feel like something is missing because he is so different than my ex. There's so many things I loved about my ex that this guy doesn't care about/have the qualities of. For example, I used to do arts and crafts with my ex a lot, may sound stupid, but we always had so much fun. I tried doing something similar with my new guy and he was not entertained. It was so sad I almost wanted to cry because I knew my ex and I would have had fun. My new guy and I have fun in different, new ways. But it hasn't covered up the gaps I now feel about my ex.
Is this normal? Is there something I can do to remove these thoughts? This is the first long term relationship I've broken up from. Advice?


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  • What were the two of you fighting about and is there a way to resolve it? If not then you just have to keep moving forward, time heals... and yes there are some things you will never get back you had with the first BF. But hopefully there are other things to fill those gaps that are better.

    • There was no real way to resolve the fighting because a lot of it was his lack of maturity. Usually a fight would start because he would do something stupid that was hurtful towards me, I'd get upset, and he has anger issues so he would blow it out of proportion. Or else he would just pick on me and my opinions on religion, politics, etc. In my friend's and family's opinion on the whole thing (couldn't explain it all in one text box) he needs a wake up call to grow up. I wish I had met him a few years down the road because I feel he would be more ready for a serious relationship...

    • well then move on... i am sorry. Time and other things will fill up the holes.

    • Thanks for your advice!

What Girls Said 1

  • You're not over him yet

    • So how do I move on? He's not worth going back to really. However, I obviously still care and feel upset about him.

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