Does it annoy him that I still try to win him back?

So my bf and I broke up.. Because i went away for awhile and, when I got back it was awkward.. I keep trying to win him back but I think it's making it harder.. Should I stop..


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  • Yes, no means no. Whether a girl says it or a guy. He isn't interested, move on.

  • Probably, after a break up guys convince themselves that the girl wasn't the right one for him anyway. So odds are you're fighting against all the mental gymnastics he's been doing over the past few months convincing himself that you're not right for him. It's going to be difficult for you to overcome that. If you've been making it obvious that you want him back and he's not responding, then odd are you're not going to be able to get him back. However, if you're just hinting at it he may be dense, we all are, and not getting it. Girls hint all the time and we never get it. If you still love him, tell him, see what he says, be aware you may get hurt, but you'll get your answer.


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