I broke up with him and he still wants me... what do I do?

We dated for 5 months but he was an ass. He only wanted sex and would get upset when I wouldn't give it to him. I broke with him because of that and because he would call other women sexier than me... even my older sister.
I ended it about a week ago, and he didn't call at first but now he tries to call, I just send him to voicemail.
What do I do about him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't go back to him, he has something to prove. Remember he did not think that you were sexy and now he sees that he shoved his foot in his mouth.

    He did not think twice about making you feel less. You don't have time to be with a man who does not know what he has. He will not make the same mistake with another person but he will have something to prove with you and will continue to abuse you with negative thoughts and feelings.

    Have faith you will find better, you have them knocking at your door. That should be a good feeling.


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  • sounds like all good reasons why you broke up with him. keep ignoring him, if that is what you really want.


What Girls Said 2

  • Nothing. You ignore him until he gives up.

  • You did the right thing when he ended the relationship. The way he has treated you and the things he has said to you are entirely unacceptable. That's not how a guy treats a girl he cares about. I assume his ego can't handle the fact that you walked out on him, so he is trying to get back on your good side. You should continue to ignore him. Can you perhaps block his number?


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