Women, is this a lost cause?

Almost 2 months ago, after spending an amazing weekend with a girl I was seeing, including kissing and hugging goodbye, she cuts me out of her life without explanation. No response to text messages and deleted off her Facebook. We had been friends for 15 years prior. I am still hurt by this and would love to have her back in my life, even if we were just friends again without the chance of ever becoming anything more. I haven't initiated contact since about a week after this happened, which was almost 2 months ago. Women, do you have any suggestions or do you think this is something I unfortunately need to write off?


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  • It could be she have bf or you made her angry. Or somethings wrong with her. Why don't you ask her face to face. It could be from many reason.

    • I can't ask her face to face because I never see her. The last interraction I had with her was a hug and kiss goodbye and then a couple texts asking how her day was a day and two days after that. If I made her angry she certainly didn't show it. Regardless of the reason, i'm just wondering if there is anymore I can do or if I should just give up.

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    • *asking not texting... I hate auto correct sometimes

    • K... thanks

What Guys Said 1

  • You need to learn to build your walls like tempered brick and iron. This way, stuff like this can't hurt you. They say you should not build walls if you want to find love, but foot on what they saw. Build it thick and build it high. Then if you're shut out, you'll never even know it. They say building walls is just a defense mechanism. And their right, because their are people hitting you with catapults and battering rams.

    I'm totally OK with my walls. The problem with knights in shining armor today is that they forgot their armor. Not I. I'm ready to slay wench and dragon alike with sword and shield.

    All in all, they're all just bricks in the wall.


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