Was this sincere or not?

The guy and I broke things off after a really rocky 8 months of being together. We got in a huge fight where I just couldn't take it anymore and he said some horrible things to me but then I texted him telling him how wrong I was for thinking he actually cared and regardless of everyone saying he was horrible, I never saw that until now. He replied apologizing and said this I did love you just not the same way you did. You're too good for me anyways. I always contemplated calling it off sooner bc I knew I was leading you on but then I'd get comfy. So I apologize for everything. Thanks for everything" but I feel like it's not sincere. He's bad at apologies and can never do it to my face, whenever he does its always over text. But I wanna believe he means it but at the same time I'm like wtf does that all even mean. Guys please translate this into more blunt terms


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  • It means exactly what he said. You're looking for closure from him and you did get it. He was never in love with you, he was just with you because you happen to be available and around for him. You did the right thing ending things. You deserve to be with someone who is crazy about you and that guy just wasn't :(


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