Help me I need your help?

My crush is really sweet and cute and evrything for me, she is also a great singer, but we have been on 1 date and it did go really well, but she said "sorry but i ain't in love with you". someway i can make her know i am where for her all the time, and mabye get her to like me? and it dosent seems like i can get her outta my mind, hope she know i think about her all of the time. :'(
Other girls and my friends say i am really kind and i am a good person, so i will keep belive that. But i am good at skating and suc* at singing!


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  • you can't make her like u. im sorry.


What Guys Said 1

  • They are other fish in the sea my friend. If she doesn't like you then she doesn't like you. Don't force it, best relationships are when you don't try to love the other person, it just comes naturally


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