Ex bf causing drama in my life and keeps in touch, keeps asking me things, how to deal with this?

we had 2 or 3 breaks during the 9 month relationship, he told me then not to trust one of my guy friends.

we broke up eventually and he cried twice on the phone, went to my house twice to tlak to me and wants me back.

what ended up happening is, the guy friend made a move and I am spending time with him.

ex bf said he never trusted that guy. I don't know if I'll end up with this guy friend of mine who is going to be my bf 'soon' when I'm ready.

I wanted to be single for a bit, it obviously didn't happen. I tried to just have one thing or person and drop my ex, he called me up as to why I dropped him on Facebook... he also called me during my final exams... which annoyed me.

the main thing I don't like about my ex is his emotional outbursts or latch to me. I don't feel he's good enough. I don't understand why he wants me so bad and yes it's a shitty Christmas. meanwhile the new guy has said to cut all ties with my ex bf, including any social media, if I've moved on, it shouldn't be a big deal he says.

my ex bf has called up my current 'guy' to tell him to fuck off. He's telling me that the new guy isn't good for me, and I can't trust him; that if he was there the whole time just to steal me away, then that is his character- unworthy

Should I just cut them both out of my life?
at this point, I'm cutting losses. background info is one is emotionally needy, the other is almost emotionless and more calculating.
or less 'emotional' i should say for the latter


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  • Haha you had the right idea at first... be single for a while... Tell me are you enjoying all this relationship drama?

    • oddly , it's a distraction in my life. I cut my ex or tried to 3 times and that should have been a hint that I was trying to have a clean up. I would assume if it were me, I would have enough pride to extradite myself because the other partner doesn't want to participate. overall, I have a reputation of being too nice so it's hard for some people to get my point; I'm technically not in a DTR situation. but that will be later on. so it's semi-single. I don't want to play two guys at once but I'm wondering why someone would come back after being rejected at least 5 times

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    • If you're a strong person then no one in the world would be able to make you Do something you dont want, regardless of what is happening with your life (everyone has BS in their life and still do what's best for them) a person can't force you to be in a relationship you dont want, I'm sure that's some form of slavery, if you truly dont want it. The funny thing is you have two guys tryin to manipulate you from opposite ends and its fucking with your state of mind. Think about YOU not them do what's best for you and not what they want for you because at the end of the day its your own happiness that you have to deal with.

    • yup true. trying to run away now lol

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  • Yeah I'm not sure why your ex is in your business or in contact with you at all...

    • messaged me on Facebook or calls me. I never call or message him first.

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    • of course I have. I told him during my final exams, and when I hung out with guy #2 more. we don't have a title and we're going slow; I told him I don't want to engage in any bf/ gf activities at the moment. I've told my ex at least ten times he needs to move on and there's no guarantee we're getting back together. I don't want to hurt him and don't tell him about the second guy... I'm not trying to be a jerk. but I can't go back either, yes I told him at least 10 times to not contact me and that he deserves better

    • You should block him.

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  • Should I just cut them both out of my life?, yeah

  • Get rid of them both. Start fresh

  • get rid of both of them.


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