Long distance relationship ended, ex wants to remain friends and helps me through it. What does it mean tho? Tell me the honest truth?

So my ex broke up with me because she said she fell out of love with me. She said that she couldn't control it, it just happened and I understand where she's coming from cuz it happened to me too.

She admits that I was the perfect man for her but that she just didn't feel the same. All of her ex's have lied, cheated and stole money from her. I was the only one that treated her great and the same experience I had with her. We were in a long distance relationship and would not see each other for 3 months at a time.

She admitted that I was the guy who treated her the best. I even gave her a gift that bought tears to her and her mom's eyes. (gotta admit it was prety freaking creative).

Anyways she wants to remain friends and does not want to lose me as a friend. She even gives me advice on how to feel better and responds to my messages whenever I need to speak my mind.

It's quite nice to have someone who is willing to lend a hand even if she's the source of my pain.

But what does that all mean?

When you stop liking someone you normally don't want to deal with the person's grieving.

Does it mean that she kinda still


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  • That's very nice of her to help you through it. Though it might send mix signals to you.

    Sounds like she stopped loving you but still likes you. Give her some time and she might realise how much she misses you. I hope if works out in the end. =')

    • Your not just being nice in telling me this? Because I know some people do this but i also feel that it's a little different cuz it's long distance and she has no reason to stay in touch with me. I mean I don't know I'm just trying to be as objective as possible

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    • yeah she lives iwth family. But now she graduated and most likley gonna start working and you know how that goes in terms of meeting people. Who told who that they weren't in love and how did you react? Because I reacted emotionally but she understood and didn't take it personally (thank god)

    • A couple of years ago my boyfriend and I both graduated university and moved to different cities for work. Long distance was hard and not having my partner there for cuddles and kisses was the worst when I was hanging out with my friends and seeing them with their partners. I was tired of the long distance dating thing after a few months and told him "we should have a break". (I didn't use the words "don't love you anymore".) I knew he was upset but only for a while. We both took time apart to meet other people and we chatted like friends telling each other how the date went. In the end I just guess we both knew that we were most compatible with each other. It took a further 8 months for him to find a job in my city and move to where I am. Although it was tough we're both glad we went through what we did because now we know we can't live without each other.

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