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How come when an ex boyfriend dumps you they talk bad about you? Even when you were a faithful woman and was by their side while family wouldn't help. Then you and your family support the person and his family was always disrespectful. I don't understand I guess because not much dating experience.


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  • The simple truth is that you picked the wrong guy... and he is an ass. It is a shame there is not a better explanation, but there is not.

    • Basically we had a good relationship so I assume. His mother and sisters did nothing but disrespect me from the beginning. I was a good girl and I don't like drama. Each time he had a woman his family would run them away and he used to be a male whore.

    • "used to be a male whore" is probably not correct. He is probably a male whore who never really changed. they seldom do. I am sorry you got hurt. Learn and move on.

    • I am slowly but just have be more careful with who I trust. Thank You

What Girls Said 1

  • Usually if a guy slags you off he still has feelings for you. That's my experience of it anyways

    • I have not one idea and all I know is I didn't cheat on him. It was him that was cheating and when I found out he refuse admit anything but couples months later he dumps me without saying a word.

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