I discovered my boyfriend is bi sexual how do I go about dumping him?

He's mentally, emotionally and physically abusive. On top of that he's tried hooking up with people behind my back but I'm sure the fucking liar has cheated! I have a shitload of evidence that he's into women and men and everytime I confront him about his sexuality he becomes violent. But I'm beyond miserable in this relationship and want out! I feel like I look stressed and 10 years older now since we've been together for 10 hellish months. I feel depressed, trapped and hopeless.
He lives with me unfortunately so this is going to be difficult. I'm so unhappy with him as I write this I want to cry.
And because of him I look very stressed and older. I'm NOT ugly and I resent him for ruining my looks. I know that sounds crazy but I look back at pics of me before him and I looked my age and less stressed. Who will want me now? I fucking hate him!


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  • Considering he is physically abusive and violent it's probably not a good idea to do it in person, right? Maybe you should just call him and tell him that it is over. Or do you actually live together?


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  • just leave, if you feel like you would be in danger call a friend or family member to come and get you

  • Just tell him your not into nasty decieving fucks with diseases. Done.

  • ignore him completely


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  • You shouldn't dump him bc he is bisexual, that is nothing one chooses. You should dump him because he is an abusive asshole that makes you miserable. You just end it, simple as that.

    "Hey, it's over. It's not me - it's you"


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